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Diane is a breeder from South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Diane has three Labrador Retrievers at the moment, Jodie, Amber and Mocha. Jodie had two litters of 10 puppies. Diane will not be breeding with Jodie or her daughter Amber anymore. Mocha is the current breeding dog, is chocolate in colour and lots of character. She loves to play and loves cuddles too. Mocha is the daughter of Amber and the Granddaughter of Jodie.

All three of Jodie, Amber and Mocha do a dog sport called flyball, they also attend Obedience.

In Flyball Jodie has gained Flyball Master Champion-Onyx. (ONYX)

Amber has gained her 4th Title called Australian Flyball Champion (AFCH)

Jodie has her 2nd Title in Rally called Rally Advance (RA)

Amber has her 1st Title in Rally called Rally Novice (RN)

Jodie taught herself to play soccer. Amber is also very eager to get the ball. Jodie, Amber & now Mocha (Chocolate) love to carry toys around in their mouths, they pick up their toys or anything and carry them around with them usually when they are excited, usually changing toys several times a day.

Jodie & Amber love to swim at the beach and run at the park and everybody are their friend,people, other dogs and children. Mocha (the current breeding dog), was born on 17/7/2018.

Jodie's breeding is from Simballoch. Jodie's mother is an Australian Champion.

Amber and Mocha are bred through JodieLassie Labradors

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